Things To Do


Snorkel into the great Thoddoo reef which is famous for having the most amount of manta rays in the Maldives, with plentiful encounters to many other marine life such as sea turtles, lion fish, sea urchins and many more. This is the reason why Thoddoo reef is considered to be one of the best diving spots in Maldives!

Fishing Trip

We allow you to empathize with the Maldivian customs and culture by experiencing one of the trademark industries of Maldives, the fishing industry. Embark on an adventure into the grand sea filled with plentiful fishes with the equipment provided, and have a fun time experiencing and understanding the way of the Maldivian customs related to fishing. Upon request at day or night, you can go fishing in the magnificent Thoddoo reef.

Sandbank Tour

What better way to enjoy the beauty of the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear oceans than walking on the beautiful and unique sand banks in the Maldivian sea. Enjoy the scenery as we take you to the beautiful and enticing sand banks of Madivaru Finolhu. Sand banks are a bed of sand in a small island from which you can experience the most clean and beautiful scenes of the Maldivian ocean and pure white sand.

Visit to a picnic Island

Experience the freedom and feeling of exemption as we take you to an uninhabited island to relax and set down a small picnic. The discretion of the island will make you comfortable and help you relax further away from anything that may worry you, so put away your worries and visit picnic island with us.

Island Hopping

Immerse yourself within a local island filled with the exciting Maldivian culture. This is a chance to visit the nearby island Rasdhoo from which the Maldivian community is rich with its customs and cultural exquisiteness. We travel to the island at morning and return at dusk. Take this time to venture into the souvenir shops to buy souvenirs, snacks and refreshment while taking a glimpse of a different culture.


Dive into the Thoddoo seas to experience the beautiful Thoddoo reef which is always abundant with marine life and varieties of reef fish. The Ari atoll is well known for having many different diving spots, complete with the mesmerizing beauty of the Maldivian oceans. Holiday Cottage provides you with qualified instructors that will show you the ropes in diving to venture into these oceans. We will take you to different famous diving areas near the island to experience the beauty of the reef to the best.

Dolphin Watching Trip

Set cruise on a small speed boat to experience and meet the dolphins of the Thoddoo seas. Thoddoo is known for its having a very high potential of being able to encounter dolphins and many other marine life. The beautiful seas of Thoddoo is an eden for dolphin and marine life lovers, the oceans are as lively as it is beautiful.

Manta Ray Trip

Join our team out on an adventure among the bountiful seas of Thoddoo which have the highest potential to encounter Manta rays much many like other marine life. Snorkle with the Manta rays and experience these graceful creatures in their own habitats in the beautiful oceans of the Maldives.

Water Sports

Why not try out some water sports? As the ocean and the seas are one of the key attractions of Maldives, Holiday Cottage offers many varieties of water sports from Water skiing, fun tube, banana boat to wake boarding. Upon request we give sailing lessons and instructions on how to snorkel.

Candle Light Dinner

Want to spend a romantic night with a candle light dinner in an open air scenery? We offer to set up an amazing dinner night for you and your beloved one, in the clean white beaches of Thoddoo.

Sunset Cruise

Watch the sun set into the horizon as it gives the ocean new colors as we cruise the oceans admiring the view. It is perfect for couples looking for a romantic setting and scenery. This is a chance to experience the unique and extraordinarily beautiful sunsets of the Maldives.

Cultural Boduberu

Experience the musical culture of Maldives with local dancers and musicians performing the cultural musical activity known as “Bodu Beru”, which translates literally to big drum. It is unique to itself to portray Maldivian culture and traditions.

Agricultural Tour

Venture into the large fields of Thoddoo famous for being the largest producers of fruits and Vegetables in all of Maldives. You will find the uniquely large watermelon fields of Thoddoo is a quite a spectacle for lovers of nature and agriculture. Experience learn how the Maldivian farmers grow and treat their crops. You can survey through the fields enriched with fruits and vegetables of many variety including papayas, carrots, cabbages, beans, bringals and many more.

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